Origin of Wolf

His brother Trayion and him were sent out with the rest of the sayians sadly their pods were frozen by the lifeforms of a strange planet they landed on. When wolf was a child he finally woke up from his cyrogenic sleep. As he grew up he was trained by one of the last living life-form there. They called him Master. He taught Wolf to speak, fight, and other things.

Information of Wolf Edit

Wolf made a team of some strong fighters through the galaxy which is now his guard and gathered the dragon balls and wished planet Vegeta back into existence as his master had instructed him. His power was greater than any of them have seen before. So he quickly rose to the ranks of King of the Saiyans!

Over time he was upset. Wolf wanted revenge for what happened to his planet. Thus began the old Saiyan ways being back into existence.

Apprenticeship of Wolf Edit

The Master was hard on Wolf. He trained since he was old enough to walk. He became stronger than he expected. Wolf was very exceptional at combat. He began to live for it. They never learned what race or world he was on from the Master, but he was well trained when he left!

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