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It is Age 2843, the Z Force is no longer to be found. Saiyan Wolf and his brother Saiyan Trayion were frozen in Cyrogenic Freezing on a different planet from where other Saiyans went. They were sent to the two different planets. The pods opened at age 2816, wolf trained on this desolate planet where he was once held captive. Finding information about their past race and the destruction of its planet. Wolf set out to find all of the Dragon Balls and wish the planet back into existence. Now they are the leaders of the Saiyan Empire. Earth doesn't know what to do without its Z Warriors around anymore the threats are getting worse and worse. Planet Namek is just trying to live peacefully without issues but suffering the same possible fate as earth. Majin is still being ignored as they wait for their time to destroy any planet they can along the way. Will heroes rise to protect against a possible saiyan invasion of earth or namek? Will the Majins be the next ones to be attacked? Or will the Majins destroy earth and namek? I guess we will find out in this Saga of Dragon World!!

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